Vision for Industries


We created Unbound Canvas to empower creators, and we wanted to create a system that was censorship-resistant while protecting against misuse. To achieve this, we developed Unbound Vision, an AI Computer Vision solution, as a security layer that could detect images that weren’t safe.

Each generated image passes through Unbound Vision before it is displayed on the Discord chat. For example, if someone tries to generate NSFW images of an underaged person, Vision automatically blocks that action, even if they try to circumvent blocked keywords.

However, once we started building Vision, we realized that it could be implemented in many other sectors. Essentially, Unbound Vision is not a single machine learning model that does everything. Its suite of different machine learning models that can be trained and used together to achieve meaningful results.

Unbound Vision will be released initially for the retail industry, collaborating a few establishments to collect data and improve the system.

The solution works on a credit system powered by $IMAGE tokens. Retail establishments that want to use Vision have to purchase credits using $IMAGE tokens. They also have to pay a one-time setup fee to implement Unbound Vision for their stores.

Certain use cases will require integration of on-premise IoT sensors and devices.

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