Unbound Canvas

Since we are building an ecosystem for Project Unbound, we think that it's only appropriate to get its name. This is Unbound Canvas, an AI Image Generator capable of generating images in 20+ unique styles.

Current Release

The limited version, Unbound Canvas 1.0, is currently available as a Telegram Bot that you can use to test out its capabilities. You can use 3 prompts to test the model out.

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Upcoming Release

Unbound Canvas 2.0 Beta is planned as the next release with 5 styles. Presale Holders of $IMAGE will get early access to the Beta Program. To keep it fair, there’s no minimum requirement on how many $IMAGE tokens users need to hold to access the Beta Program.

During the Beta Testing phase, we will collect feedback from community users and make iterations to Canvas 2.0. Each Beta user will get approximately 500 image generations per month for free.

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