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Generative Fill

You don’t always get the time to frame a photo just right. With Generative Fill, you can extend images and Unbound Canvas will generate parts of your photo that were never there and blend them perfectly. You can also control the aspect ratio of your image. Did you take a photo in portrait mode? Just upload your image and use the prompt —aspect 16:9 to make it into a landscape image.


Zoom-Out works with both generated images and photos you upload (through generative fill). After you generate an image, you can extend the image further by just clicking on Zoom-Out.

The default options available are Zoom-Out 2x and Zoom-Out 4x. You can do this as many times as you like. We’ve found that Zoom-Out provides the best results up to 8x. After that, your images may include undesirable

Remove Background

To remove the background from a generated image or a photo you upload, simply click on the Remove Background button. The feature works best with images that have solid background but you can also use it for regular images. The results may vary depending on the complexity of the image. This can be useful for creating logos, website, and landing page images, cutting out people from photos, etc.

Custom LoRa

LoRas are a great way to generate images that look like you. You can temporarily train Canvas Models on your own images and generate images. This can be useful for AI Photography, Profile Pictures, and, since we have an NSFW tier, for OnlyFans models.

Upscale Image

Once you’ve generated an image you like, you can upscale the quality 2x and 4x. You can upscale upto 8x.

Unicorn Mode

If you feel like you want a creative surprise from your image, you can try out Unicorn Mode. After generating an image, clock on the Unicorn Mode button and Canvas will generate a highly creative image from its imagination. You can even dial in prompts if you want to control how the overall image should look.

Anime It

This feature allows you to turn any image into an Anime Style Image. It works with both images you generate and photos you upload. Just click on the Anime It button and watch the magic happen.

Delegate Access

Unbound Canvas was designed to be used in your everyday workflow. If you’re an agency or manager, paying for a separate subscription plan for each user doesn’t make sense. With Unbound Canvas, you can delegate access to your account to multiple users (depending on your subscription plan), and they can use the Discord Bot in their own servers without having to share passwords or use a common Discord Server.

Mint NFT

Your art deserves to be immortalized. After generating an image, simply click on the Mint NFT button and you will be taken to Unbound’s NFT Minting Page. You can then connect your Metamask or Wallet Connect-enabled wallet, and deploy your NFT on the blockchain. Unbound currently supports most EVM-based Chains including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and Moonbeam. You can also deploy your NFT on Solana.

NSFW Content

Unbound Canvas is capable of generating Uncensored NSFW content for your projects. Unbound Canvas has paid subscription plans in in 2 levels NSFW and Non-NSFW. These plans are identical with the exception that you can generate Uncensored NSFW images if you subscribe to any NSFW level. NSFW plans require a mandatory Blockchain KYC to verify your age. If you want to generate NSFW images with Custom LoRas, you have to upload multiple images of your face during the KYC process. To avoid misuse, Unbound Canvas and all images generations are protected by a security layer powered by Unbound Vision. Certain NSFW keywords are also restricted in regular subscription plans.

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