Token Mechanics


  • Purchase Paid Plans

  • Apply for Grants Program (Unbound Innovation Fund)

  • Vote on Grant Proposals

  • Unbound Network Gas Fees ($IMAGE will be the native token of Unbound Network)

  • Run Nodes on Unbound Network (Staking)

Ecosystem Economics

Unbound Canvas

  • 10% of all subscription plan purchases using BNB, USDT & USDT go toward 2 pools.

  • 5% goes to the Unbound Innovation Fund, our community grants program.

  • 5% goes to the Buy-Back Wallet (USDT & USDC are automatically swapped for BNB).

  • Every 5000th Purchase of any subscription plan using BNB, USDT or USDC triggers a Buy-Back & Burn.

  • The Buy-Back & Burn will continue until $IMAGE total supply is reduced to 100,000,000 tokens

  • Get 15% off on all subscription purchases made using $IMAGE tokens.

  • Get 25%% off on all subscription purchases when you Buy-Back & Burn $250 worth of $IMAGE tokens.

Unbound Vision

  • Each organization that wants to use Unbound Vision has to purchase $IMAGE in a fixed dollar amount. The amount they have to purchase will depend on the scale of their use.

  • These tokens can be converted to $IMAGE Native tokens if they want to run Nodes on the Unbound Network.

Unbound Network

$IMAGE will be the native coin of the Unbound Network.

  • Organizations will purchase $IMAGE from the open market and Stake them to Run Nodes on the blockchain network.

  • Transaction gas fees will be paid in $IMAGE.

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